Luxury Nectarine & Passion Fruit Yogurt 150g


Nectarine & Passion Fruit is one of our signature flavours. We combine live low fat yogurt with nectarine and passion fruit compote. All our fruit compotes are prepared by hand in the dairy kitchen. We add 25% fruit to these yogurts which gives a fantastic and natural flavour. Our yogurt is made with grass-fed Jersey cows’ milk. We make our yogurt authentically in small batches to preserve the natural structure of the product.


Ingredients & Nutritional Information

Ingredients: Yogurt (from Jersey Cows’ Milk), Nectarine (18%), Unrefined Cane Sugar, Passion Fruit (7%)

Nutrition per 100g: Energy 355 kJ, 84 kcal,Fat 0.5g (of which saturates 0.3g), Carbohydrate 16.3g (of which sugars 16.3g), Fibre 0.6g, Protein 3.2g, Salt 0.12g


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