Greek Recipe Range

Stapleton’s Greek Recipe 400g range is luxuriously thick and smooth and comes in two flavours: Madagascan Vanilla and Natural evoking the simple but delicious cuisine of Greece.

Made according to the same principles as the rest of Stapleton’s yogurt products, the Greek Recipe range contains nothing artificial and achieves its consistency without any thickeners.

This range was first produced by Stapleton in the early 1980s following a fact-finding mission by Peter and Carol to the sun-drenched island of Crete – also known as a holiday!

Nutritional Information

Greek Recipe Natural

Nutrition per 100g: energy 105 kcal, protein 4.4g, fat 7.1g, carbohydrate 6.5g, fibre 0, salt 0.18g

Greek Recipe Vanilla

Added ingredients: vanilla extract, unrefined cane sugar

Nutrition per 100g: energy 132 kcal, protein 4.4g, fat 6.4g, carbohydrate 15g, fibre 0, salt 0.19g

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