Frozen Yogurt Lollies

14th May 2020

These frozen yogurt lollies are easy to make with kids and make a healthy, refreshing snack!


  • Ice Lolly Moulds
  • 150g Chopped Soft Fruit (we went for nectarines, water melon and strawberries)
  • 1 x 400g pot Stapleton Greek Vanilla Yogurt


  1. Chop up your chosen soft fruit into small cubes.
  2. Place these in the lolly mould
  3. Fill each mould with yogurt (you may need a spoon to stir through to make sure yogurt gets down to the bottom).
  4. Pop in the freezer (we found it useful to use a cup to balance the moulds in)
  5. Leave for 24 hours, take out and enjoy.

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