Figgy Bircher Muesli

Figgy Bircher Muesli

1. Measure out 25g oats and put in a bowl with 7 tbsp of apple juice, juice of half a lemon and a handful of sultanas. Cover and leave in the fridge either overnight or for an hour or so (both work well).

2. Take out the oat mixture from the fridge and grate in 1 dessert apple (including peel) and mix in 2 large tablespoons of Stapleton Fig & Date yogurt.

3. Feel free to sprinkle with other fruits and nuts of your choice and enjoy immediately (we used walnuts).


1 x 400g pot of Stapleton Fig & Date Yogurt

25g oats

1 x apple

7 tbsp apple juice

lemon juice from half a lemon

handful of sultanas