What’s so great about Devon?

Really, the question should be: What isn’t great about Devon?

We love where we’re from. From rolling green fields bordered by ancient hedgerows to our stark moors and spectacular jagged coastline, our landscape is beautiful and inspiring.

Jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean, Devon has a maritime climate – which basically means it rains. A lot.

This is brilliant for cows, as it means they get to feast on lush green grass. And it’s good for us too, as it means they produce the best, creamiest milk that we turn into sensational yogurt and ice cream.

Devon’s also the kind of place where people come to escape from the hustle and bustle.

We hope that every spoonful of our products gives you a moment to escape from it all and enjoy some simple deliciousness from Devon.

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We're so proud of our Devon roots, we want everyone to know about it.

That's why you'll see this symbol on all our yogurt pots:

What’s so great about Devon?