How we make our yogurt

Our yogurt and ice cream is still made according to traditional methods, avoiding unnecessary over-processing.

We take creamy milk from a local herd of Jersey cows and only add fruit or other natural ingredients and a little unrefined cane sugar.

Our yogurt is made with pasteurised milk in small, 30-litre pails. It’s this technique that gives our yogurt its smooth, silky texture without the need for stabilisers. This is impossible with the larger scale industrial vats used in most of the industry.

Our fruit yogurts contain 25% real fruit – more than any other brand.

All fruit preparations are freshly made in our own fruit kitchen, before being carefully stirred into the yogurt by hand. This means there is no need for any flavourings, colourings or other artificial additives.

Almost unique among yogurt producers, we do not add gelatine, modified maize starch or any other thickeners to our products.

We think you can taste this different way of doing things in our yogurts.

How we make our yogurt