About Us

Our aim is to produce 100% natural, ethical dairy products.

Stapleton was founded by Peter and Carol Duncan in 1975 on what was a traditional family dairy farm near Torrington in North Devon.

Starting up a business in a rural area like ours wasn’t easy, but we persevered because we knew we were making something special.

Our first ‘factory’ consisted of a disused cow shed and a couple of milk churns. It’s fair to say it was pretty low tech.

Nowadays, while we’re still based at the farm, our site has been transformed into a modern production facility.

Our dairy has changed over the years, but it’s still a family business run with integrity, pride and respect.

We remain a fully independent British company, contributing to the economy of Devon and employing around 35 people.

Although we no longer keep cows ourselves, we get our milk from Awsland Farm just three miles away. The cows at Awsland have an extended grazing season (February – November) and are well cared for by the Ashton family (members of the Red Tractor scheme) with the highest levels of animal welfare.

About Us