Stapleton makes the finest quality yogurt and ice cream.

We keep it simple.

Just creamy milk from a local herd of grass-fed Jersey cows, unrefined cane sugar and top-quality fruit (or maybe Madagascan vanilla extract, home-made toffee sauce or Belgian chocolate – you get the idea!).

In a world where honest, real food can be frustratingly hard to come by, you can enjoy our products safe in the knowledge we’ve added absolutely nothing artificial.

Customer Feedback

"Hi, just wanted to say my husband has tried the greek recipe lemon curd yoghurt. It is absolutely delicious, better than any other we have tried. Can’t get enough of it. What are the other flavours? Keep producing it please."
Carole Brown, via email, 3 August

"Hi there, I was thinking about Gooseberries recently as we used to grow them in our garden when I was a child. I always found them a distinctive and enjoyable fruit but you don’t hear of them much these days. At least I don’t. I have recently bought a Gooseberry jam I found online and I look forward to trying it. But today I discovered your Gooseberry yoghurt in Waitrose. I have just eaten it and it was delicious! Real tasty pieces of gooseberry in there too reminding me of my childhood. I just wanted to let you know how nice it was!"
Johnny Burke, via email, 23 July

"Thought I must drop you a line and commend your Vanilla Greek Yogurt. We came to Dorset for a holiday and to see our daughter and tried some of your produce. We cannot get this in Kent unfortunately but we will be asking our daughter to bring us a couple of tubs. All the best."
Linda Player, via email, 22 July

"I've just tried your 'Fig & Date' yogurt for the first time and it was delicious. I can't wait to try other products in your range."
Elaine Shoob, via email, 6 July

"Good morning. I was just enjoying my daily pot of Prune & Date yogurt for breakfast at work and thought I would contact you and tell you how delicious it is! I guess you already know that though haha. My office is across from a Morrison’s Supermarket and I am able to nip in each morning and get my lovely cold pot. I am 56 and have sampled many many yogurts over the years but I have to say, without a doubt, yours is my absolute fave!  Thank you Stapletons."
Valerie Crowley , via email, 5 July

"Hi there, I bought one of your gooseberry yogurts for lunch today - really delicious and full of good things.  Nice to know it came from North Devon which is one of my favourite places. I'll definitely be buying more!"
Lynn Blondell, via email, 26 June

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