Stapleton makes the finest quality yogurt and ice cream.

We keep it simple.

Just creamy milk from a local herd of grass-fed Jersey cows, unrefined cane sugar and top-quality fruit (or maybe Madagascan vanilla extract, home-made toffee sauce or Belgian chocolate – you get the idea!).

In a world where honest, real food can be frustratingly hard to come by, you can enjoy our products safe in the knowledge we’ve added absolutely nothing artificial.

Customer Feedback

"I've just tried your 'Fig & Date' yogurt for the first time and it was delicious. I can't wait to try other products in your range."
Elaine Shoob, via email, 6 July

"Hi there, I bought one of your gooseberry yogurts for lunch today - really delicious and full of good things.  Nice to know it came from North Devon which is one of my favourite places. I'll definitely be buying more!"
Lynn Blondell, via email, 26 June

"I've never contacted a company before with positive feedback but feel compelled to let you know your fig and date yogurt is exceptionally good and has become a must buy on our shopping listd to......Well done."
Steve Gallett, via email, 23 June

"Hi guys, Just had to drop you a line to say how Amazing your Gooseberry yogurts are....oh my god they're delicious. Thanks for making my breakfast something to look forward to......Well done."
Sharon Bailey, via email, 5 September

"Hi, I have never, ever contacted a food company before but I just needed to say how much I enjoyed your gooseberry yoghurt. On holiday in Devon at the moment but I will be looking for stockists closer to home in the future. Thank you. Delicious!"
Linda Dukes, via email, 30 August 2017

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